Terms & Conditions

Mark Sportswear Screen Printing & Embroidery requires that all sample artwork, photos, and any typewritten materials be reviewed and approved by “the customer” prior to production. This also includes anything that is sent to us to edit, recolor, or change in any way. Mark Sportswear will not proceed with the completion of your order until we have a written reply and approval from you “the customer”.  Please take the time to be certain that all phone numbers, addresses, dates and spellings are correct. We will not be responsible any typographical errors that have been approved by “the customer” once the order begins production. What is approved by the customer will be the final product.

Due to the nature of the business being custom or personalized unique services, we do require a fifty percent (50%) initial deposit when placing your order and before any work on design or artwork commences. The payment of balance is due in full at the time of delivery. Mark Sportswear accepts personal check, cashiers’ checks, Venmo app and PayPal.

We thank you for your patronage, as our goal is to ensure you get a quality product.