Our Story

Mark Sportswear Screen Printing was founded in 1998 by Dominick Landante. Dominick quickly became the one of the premier screen printing and embroidery shops in Hudson County, NJ. High quality at affordable prices made him gain many top high-profile clients including local Boards of Education, scores of youth athletic leagues and major corporations throughout the NJ / NY area. Throughout the next decade, Mark Sportswear’s presence and impact continued to grow. Dominick, a dedicated family man, also knew giving back to the community was important. The shop sponsored several baseball and soccer youth teams throughout the years in the northern NJ area.

Alex Rodriguez met Dominick in the mid 2000’s. They quickly formed a strong working relationship.  Unfortunately, several years later, Dominick faced some challenging health issues. The community lost a great man in 2017. After the loss, Alex continued with the business and with the standing traditions of giving back to the community. This outreach has expanded into charitable organizations such as local soup kitchens and the American Cancer Society.

Mark Sportswear Screen Printing continues to grow and learn how to give its loyal and new clients top quality customer, printing, embroidery goods and services. Its goal is to reach new heights while working not only for but with its clients. As a result, we look to grow our family of loyal and happy clients and continue being the Mark of Excellence of Screen Printing.

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